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High Five For Friday! ~ Christmas, Family, Gifts and The Farm

27 Dec

High Five For Friday! via The Small Stuff Counts Blog

Wow, Christmas falling in the middle of the week makes for some very short work weeks, but man it’s throwing me off. Can’t complain though!

1. Here are David and I in front of my parents’ tree on Christmas Eve. It was really nice to be home and spend time with family for a couple days. I’m already looking forward to heading back in a week to see them again and open all the gifts under the tree that we didn’t have time for this week.

2. Here are a bunch of my crazy cousins at Grandma’s house on Christmas day. We had so much delicious food! We do a grab bag gift exchange every year, and this year I ended up with a really nifty salt and pepper grinder. I’m actually quite excited to put it to use! It was fun to catch up with everyone for a few hours.

3. I got in on chores while at home on the farm. I busted out this awesome coat because it’s important to stay fashionable while feeding calves. Check it out. My sister, Amy, and I have matching ones from high school FFA. The back says ‘Dairy Foods Team State Champions 2006′. How many people can say they have a coat with a big picture of cheese on the back of it? It’s a great random fact. It’s been an exciting week on my parents’ farm because they installed a robotic calf feeding system. Each baby calf has a chip on their ear and the machine tracks how much milk they’ve drank during the day and cuts them off when they’ve had their share. It was really slick.

4. Behold my new iPad mini. I didn’t take a picture of myself turning it on because I may have been drooling in awe. Haha, anyway it’s been on my wish list for a long time and I’m so excited about it! Thanks to David and our parents for chipping in for it together.

5. And lastly, I am still obsessing over peppermint hot cocoa (and peppermint ice cream). I’m telling you, it’s Christmas in my mouth! (By the way, Lilly says that same quote on an episode of ‘How I Met Your Mother’. I’m pretty sure I coined that phrase because I’ve never seen the show until recently, but I guess I will share the limelight with her).

Have a fantastic Friday! Are you celebrating more Christmases this weekend? What did Santa bring you?


High Five For Friday! 12.6.13

6 Dec

High Five For Friday via The Smalll Stuff Counts

1. I am still feeling refreshed after a four-day Thanksgiving weekend last week. It was so fun to spend time with family! I shared some of the fun games we played, food we ate and cute pictures of my baby nephew in this post earlier this week.

2. It is officially the season for peppermint ice cream! I am a fanatic for a good bowl of peppermint ice cream. In college, they rotated flavors of ice cream and I would get numerous texts on peppermint day from kind friends who didn’t want me to miss it. Yum, it’s like Christmas in my mouth!

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