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High Five For Friday! 12.13.13

13 Dec

Happy Friday the 13th! My week has been crazy busy, how about yours? I am definitely ready for a weekend of hot cocoa, peppermint ice cream and wrapping lots of presents.

High Five For Friday! 12.13.13

1. We spent last Saturday with some great friends and cheered on the Grinnell College basketball team. The game went into overtime 99-99, and Grinnell ended up losing by 6 points in the end (it was a nail biter!). You may have heard about their player, Jack Taylor, who scored a record-setting 138 points in just one game last season. He made it over 100 points in a game earlier this year, but their opponents on Saturday did a great job of shutting him down and he ended up with 40. They are a fun team to watch. I love living in a college town where there are always games and concerts and things going on. And it’s all free!

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High Five For Friday! 12.6.13

6 Dec

High Five For Friday via The Smalll Stuff Counts

1. I am still feeling refreshed after a four-day Thanksgiving weekend last week. It was so fun to spend time with family! I shared some of the fun games we played, food we ate and cute pictures of my baby nephew in this post earlier this week.

2. It is officially the season for peppermint ice cream! I am a fanatic for a good bowl of peppermint ice cream. In college, they rotated flavors of ice cream and I would get numerous texts on peppermint day from kind friends who didn’t want me to miss it. Yum, it’s like Christmas in my mouth!

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