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A touch festiveness

24 Dec

Merry Christmas Eve to all you wonderful readers! I thought I’d give you a quick tour of some of the simple holiday touches I’ve added to our apartment this year. I have been working with retailers on holiday shopping promotions since September, so it seems crazy to me that Christmas hasn’t actually happened yet! I put up my decorations a couple weeks before Thanksgiving and have been jamming out to holiday music for well over a month now. I’ve also had my share of peppermint hot cocoas and a ridiculous amount of peppermint ice cream.

Here’s a peak into the Counts holiday decor. We don’t have the space or money for elaborate decorations, but I love added hints of holiday colors and festiveness (that might be a new word) to our apartment.

Holiday decor for small apartments Continue reading


High Five For Friday! 12.20.13

20 Dec

High five for Friday everyone! Wow, this week has gone by incredibly fast–so fast that I ran out of time to publish a post since last Friday. Sorry about that, I’ve been trying to finish a post about how everyone knows everyone in small towns. I’ll be posting it on Sunday or Monday, so stay tuned! I also have a post coming with a tour of our Christmas decorations next week.

High Five For Friday via The Smalll Stuff Counts

1. I am feeling great this year because I had most of my gifts wrapped last weekend. It’s nice not to be stressing about it! Just one more thing to go pick up today and I’ll be all set for Christmas. I have had so much fun exploring all of the shops here in town and successfully completed my 100% local gift challenge. I can’t wait to share pictures of all my awesome finds with you, but you’ll have to wait another couple weeks so we don’t ruin any surprises. This is the most excited I’ve ever been to see everyone open their presents because I found so many neat things.

2. Inspired by this post from Life {Sweet} Life that I found on Pinterest, I started leaving 12 Days of Christmas notes for my husband. Continue reading

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