High Five For Friday! 12.6.13

6 Dec

High Five For Friday via The Smalll Stuff Counts

1. I am still feeling refreshed after a four-day Thanksgiving weekend last week. It was so fun to spend time with family! I shared some of the fun games we played, food we ate and cute pictures of my baby nephew in this post earlier this week.

2. It is officially the season for peppermint ice cream! I am a fanatic for a good bowl of peppermint ice cream. In college, they rotated flavors of ice cream and I would get numerous texts on peppermint day from kind friends who didn’t want me to miss it. Yum, it’s like Christmas in my mouth!

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Food, Games & Grandma’s House

4 Dec

I hope you all had a fabulous and relaxing Thanksgiving weekend. We were fortunate to both have four days off of work, so we had a chance to visit a lot of family. We were spoiled with so much delicious food with David’s family. David and I even introduced them to our new favorite meal, slow cooker chicken tortilla soup. We love the flavor, plus it is so simple that even the two of us can handle it. If you are interested in trying out the recipe you can find it over on the Miller Musings blog.

We went to the new Hunger Games movie, which I thought was fantastic. I loved the books and the movies have done a great job bringing them to life. Looking forward to the next movie! David and I are always in charge of bringing games to family gatherings, and our bag of games for this weekend included The Game Of Things, Outburst and Ticket To Ride. If you are looking for some new games to try, these are all great options. Things and Outburst are both fun party games for larger groups of people. Ticket To Ride is a strategy game that is a little more complex and will take more time, but this is a great place to start if you are looking for a different type of game than the same old party game or Milton Bradley game. It is a good introduction to a whole new world of strategy board games that my husband and his friends introduced me to a few years ago.

Outburst Game via The Small Stuff Counts Blog The Game of Things via The Small Stuff Counts Blog TicketToRide

After a couple days with David’s family in Ankeny, we trekked up to northeast Iowa. I was tickled that I got to spend all Saturday afternoon with my little  nephew Wyatt, who is seven months old. We raided my mom’s decorations and had a festive photo shoot. Here are a few of my favorites.

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High Five For Friday! 11.29.13

29 Nov

High Five For Friday via The Small Stuff Counts Blog

1. Happy Thanksgiving weekend! I am fortunate to be able to spend time with a lot of family over this four-day weekend. I am grateful for so much this year.

2. This week started off with a flurry of snowflakes! There is actually a little snow still left on the ground here in Iowa, which is putting me in the Christmas spirit. Even though I am a wimp when it comes to cold weather, I do enjoy being able to wear cozy pea coats, scarves and mittens.

3. Check out these cute new boots I bought last weekend. I have officially decided to rock the bootie trend. They are super comfortable and even make me taller! Thanks to the awesome staff at our local shoe store for helping me find a pair. I will be wearing them a lot this weekend.

4. Tomorrow is Small Business Saturday, a day dedicated to supported small businesses across the country. I did not participate in Black Friday shopping today, but maybe I’ll do a little shopping tomorrow. We’ll see what happens.

5. There is a pumpkin pie on the counter just calling my name! Not sure how I am going to resist eating it until tomorrow . . .

Fed Up With The Mall

27 Nov

ditchthemallAlright readers, I am embarrassed to tell you I recently drove an hour to go shopping at the mall when I should have just stayed home and shopped at the small businesses here. Even though I talk about shopping small on the blog and all the time in my day job at the chamber of commerce, a few big stores still drew me in with the freebie money they sent me for my birthday month. Now, I have a really difficult time letting free money go to waste, but my trip was not worth it. The whole mall experience actually made me a little angry. Continue reading

Organizing My Apartment {7 Rules For The Bedroom)

24 Nov

Welcome to part two of the Organizing My Apartment series. Today we are going to take a look at my bedroom and I will share my seven rules for keeping it organized. Now, if you are like me than your bedroom is probably the last place that gets organized. It is often the hiding place for my half-done crafts, leftover decorations and piles of laundry. But I absolutely love the feeling of crawling into bed at the end of the day and being able to completely relax without thinking about how chaotic the room is. Your bedroom should be a calming place that you look forward to going after a long day. Here are my seven simple rules for keeping a bedroom organized.

Organizing My Apartment via The Small Stuff Counts BlogRule #1  Choose furniture with drawers. Drawers will help you keep clutter hidden out of sight. And make sure you are using all of your drawer space–David had some extra space in his sock drawer, so we stash the iron in there, and an empty drawer holds all kinds of craft supplies.

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High Five For Friday! 11.22.13

22 Nov

High Five For Friday via The Small Stuff Counts BLog

1. Wow, it has been a crazy week on the blog. I am overwhelmed by the response I have gotten for my 25 Signs You Grew Up In A Small Town post earlier this week. Visits to my site have grown exponentially as it reached the top five most popular wordpress.com posts two days–the Huffington Post published it on their site as did several other websites. Thank you for reading, it has been exciting to watch it go viral this week (especially since I’m a social media nerd 🙂 )

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A Love Note To Small Businesses

21 Nov

Thank you to all of you who read and shared my last post, 25 Signs You Grew Up In A Small Town. I am truly astonished by the response it has gotten and I hope you will find future posts equally as compelling. It is obvious that so many of you have a special place in your heart for small towns like I do and I have plenty of small town topics planned for future posts. But today’s post shares my love of small businesses, which are truly the backbone of each of our towns. Enjoy!

A Love Letter To Small Businesses via The Small Stuff Counts Blog

Dear small business owner,

I have a confession to make: I admire you.

I admire your passion for what you do. That passion fuels everything around you.

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