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Everyone Knows Everyone

22 Dec

small towns quote via The Smalll Stuff Counts

Part of my job at our chamber of commerce includes leading community orientations with new employees at our companies, and during each orientation we ask them to jot down challenges they faced when considering working and/or living in our small town. Most people list things like finding a decent apartment or wanting more shopping options, but a couple in the latest stack of comments listed “lack of privacy” as a challenge they faced when moving here.

At first, the comments actually made me laugh a little inside because, to me, that is just something standard with small town living. But to a few of these new hires who had moved here from huge cities, it actually freaked them out. Let’s face it: in a small town, everyone know everyone AND everything. I like to think of it as a lack of anonymity, not necessarily a lack of privacy. But whatever you call it, small town newbies can find it very overwhelming and intrusive.

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