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A touch festiveness

24 Dec

Merry Christmas Eve to all you wonderful readers! I thought I’d give you a quick tour of some of the simple holiday touches I’ve added to our apartment this year. I have been working with retailers on holiday shopping promotions since September, so it seems crazy to me that Christmas hasn’t actually happened yet! I put up my decorations a couple weeks before Thanksgiving and have been jamming out to holiday music for well over a month now. I’ve also had my share of peppermint hot cocoas and a ridiculous amount of peppermint ice cream.

Here’s a peak into the Counts holiday decor. We don’t have the space or money for elaborate decorations, but I love added hints of holiday colors and festiveness (that might be a new word) to our apartment.

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Tips For Hassle-Free Gift Wrapping

10 Dec

Tips for hassle-free wrapping via The Small Stuff Counts BlogGift wrapping is seriously a work of art. Who doesn’t love a beautifully-wrapped gift that is color coordinated with crisp folds and perfect bows? We all spend a lot of time hunting for great gifts, and each one deserves to be wrapped in beautiful packaging with tender loving care. The key to wrapping gifts like the pros and avoiding a few headaches is to have all your supplies organized in one place. Create a Gift Wrapping Supply Box to transform the gifts under your tree into masterpieces!

Tips for hassle-free wrapping via The Small Stuff Counts BlogIn the past, I have always just grabbed a roll of festive Christmas paper and covered everything in it. But what do you do with all that leftover paper? Where do you store all those leftover rolls when you live in a small place? We don’t have a lot of storage space, so I decided to simplify my wrapping this year by creating a Gift Wrapping Box that holds the basic supplies I need to wrap gifts for EVERY occasion, not just Christmas.

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Organizing My Apartment {7 Rules For The Bedroom)

24 Nov

Welcome to part two of the Organizing My Apartment series. Today we are going to take a look at my bedroom and I will share my seven rules for keeping it organized. Now, if you are like me than your bedroom is probably the last place that gets organized. It is often the hiding place for my half-done crafts, leftover decorations and piles of laundry. But I absolutely love the feeling of crawling into bed at the end of the day and being able to completely relax without thinking about how chaotic the room is. Your bedroom should be a calming place that you look forward to going after a long day. Here are my seven simple rules for keeping a bedroom organized.

Organizing My Apartment via The Small Stuff Counts BlogRule #1  Choose furniture with drawers. Drawers will help you keep clutter hidden out of sight. And make sure you are using all of your drawer space–David had some extra space in his sock drawer, so we stash the iron in there, and an empty drawer holds all kinds of craft supplies.

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Organizing My Apartment {5 Rules For A Small Living Room}

15 Nov

So last week I promised you a tour of our downtown apartment, and here it is! Actually, I sort of broke my promise because this is really only a tour of the living room. But it comes with bonus advice for keeping it organized. This is the first post of my “Organizing My Apartment” series. Here are my top five rules for organizing a small living room.

Helpful tips for organizing a small apartment via The Small Stuff Counts Blog

Rule #1  Choose moveable furniture.

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Tips for sending thoughtful snail mail

10 Nov

How To Create A Snail Mail Box via The Small Stuff Counts Blog

I absolutely love finding beautiful snail mail in my mailbox. And I bet you do, too. I’m not talking about bills and advertisements, but a classic, hand-written note from a friend. Getting something written in ink, on real paper is such a novelty in the age of text messages and emails. I have a few friends who are really great at sending me thoughtful “just because” notes and they make my day. The neat thing about hand-written notes is that people share things differently when they write it down than if they just talk to you over the phone or in person. You may be great friends with someone, but I bet you will learn something new about them just by exchanging written letters. The key to continuing to receive snail mail from others is that you send replies to the notes they send you.

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