Eating Together

4 Nov


David and I love eating at restaurants, and there are so many in our small town that it is convenient for us to walk down the street to one (well, convenient for us since we dislike cooking, but not as convenient for our budget). We chose one of our favorite restaurants Friday night. When we sat down at our table, I realized it was an experience that people living in larger cities would probably never know.

When we walked in, the hostess greeted us by name and I knew at least one person at nearly every table.

Instead of the restaurant being a place for an intimate dinner shared between a couple or family, it was more like a family reunion where no one sits still or minds their own business. Every time someone walked through the door, several hands would wave ‘hello’ and, sure enough, someone would jump up from a table to shake hands or hug them before they sat down. People milled around while they waited for their food, visiting with the neighboring booth or pulling up an extra chair to chat with a table.

David is still getting used to the small town thing and he hasn’t gotten a chance to meet as many people as I have. I think he was a little startled that everyone seemed to know each other. When we sat down we realized we were sitting next to our CPA, and behind us was a small business owner we know well. There was a family in the middle of the room celebrating their son’s senior football career. I realized that this was the first Friday night this fall that there wasn’t a high school football game, which was why the restaurant was so busy. I overheard people joking that they finally get to enjoy a real meal instead of their usual hot dogs and popcorn. Many of the restaurant-goers would stop to congratulate the football player in the room, giving him a pat on the back and wishing him well in the upcoming playoff game.

It’s moments like these where I stop and appreciate small town life. The fact that everyone knows each other is part of what makes a small town such a wonderful place to live.

Do you have a story to share about a small town experience where everyone seemed to know everyone? Were you the one who knew everyone, or the only one who seemed to know no one? Comment with your thoughts below.


One Response to “Eating Together”

  1. Bridget November 21, 2013 at 2:33 pm #

    You didn’t have to call ahead to go visit someone!

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