Downtown Living In A Small Town

31 Oct


I have absolutely fallen in love with downtown living since David and I moved a year ago. We live in a second-story apartment above a business and the heart of Grinnell is literally right outside our window. It’s this sort of magical feeling to be a part of that center of gravity downtown. I am within two blocks of nearly everything including my butcher, baker and candlestick maker–okay, I’m not sure I know a candlestick maker, but there are several gift shops with candles nearby so that counts in my book. It is so exciting to step out the front door and instantly be in the middle of everything. I enjoy walking down the streets lined with shops in historic buildings. And there are so many restaurants steps away that we just consider them our kitchen and barely use our own.

Downtown living is the trend right now, and young professionals are flocking downtowns in the metros. Living in the downtown of a smaller town means I get all the same excitement and convenience, but it is still easy for me to escape the hustle and bustle. Central Park is just a block away and I like to grab a book and spend the afternoon there. I am also within a five-minute bike ride of two gorgeous lakes that are perfect places to relax and get some fresh air. Living in a small town like Grinnell (population 9,200) means I can find just about everything I need and it is all convenient to get to. Many businesses are clustered in easy walking distance so my car rarely leaves its parking spot.

If downtown living sounds exciting to you, I encourage you to look into it. The second stories of many historic buildings are being renovated into funky and unique living spaces all across the country. I have watched building owners here do such neat things to transform often neglected, vacant upper stories into usable living spaces. Everything from small lofts for singles to three-bedroom apartments that house families with kids. It is quite special to see the historic beauty of these buildings maintained and given new life. Why move to the suburbs where every house looks the same when you can live in the middle of everything in a building that has character?


One Response to “Downtown Living In A Small Town”

  1. devin November 19, 2013 at 4:30 pm #

    I’m from grinnell!! I grew up across the road from Fairview school. I heard they made some high-end apartments downtown, happy to hear you’re loving it!

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