The Small Stuff Counts

27 Oct

Welcome to my new blog! I have had the urge to start a blog of my own for a while now, and several friends inspired and encouraged me to finally just do it. I have been jotting down my post ideas in a notebook, hoping it would help me figure out what the theme or direction for this blog would be. I came across this Winnie The Pooh quote on Pinterest a few days ago and it all clicked – my thoughts all seemed to center around the beauty of the small things in life.

Sometimes the smallest things take up the biggest place in our hearts.

So here it is! This is the new home for my reflections on the small stuff in life, because it’s the small moments that make life big. I expect that much of my blog will center on my fondness for living in a small town, appreciation for small businesses, tips for living in a small apartment, and observations of small moments that make life beautiful. I hope my writing The Small Stuff Counts will inspire you to slow down and appreciate the small things that make life big.


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